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puzzling parts to pulling your business together

You have an idea- Begin here.Where do we begin? It starts with your IDEA. Whether that idea develops into a full entrepreneurial business or simpler endeavors, when you get serious there are 'parts' that are the visual representation of your business’ professional presence. This ‘presence’ is how your customers, clients, etc. view how serious your venture is in one glance. The business card you leave behind, the website they find in their search through the internet, and any other 'part' that portrays who you are. This begins the design and production process – whether you know what you want or don’t have any idea where to start. That's where we come in.

Planning your project.The PLAN is set in motion and your ideas takes on a life of their own. All the components are ORGANIZED including the people, scheduling, funding, and/or any other part or piece that is needed. The next step is to EXECUTE the now organized plan and the projects it includes.

Analyze the project.You delegate and watch as the project unfolds. Proofs are submitted. It looks pretty good. Ahhh, you’re done! No, not quite. The IDEA is checked, proofed, ANALYZED to make sure that it fits correctly with the overall project. If it does, then it is polished and produced. If it doesn’t or if parts need to be added,  then it is reorganized, revised, revamped until it is perfected. Then it’s ready for the final step… THE END.

Launch your project.Every project is important from the small to the large and deserves to be handled as such. It's how your clientele sees you. Our objective is to take your ideas and goals for the project and create what you had in mind.  Our job is to be thorough and make suggestions through all the steps in the process so that finished project is better than you expected.

The goal is to meet or exceed your expectations

Welcome! You've found Diane Blakley Designs …Let's start on your idea!
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